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About Mosaic-Arts
Mosaic Arts. Beyond expectation.

We aren’t drawn to opera because it is easy. We are drawn to it because of its beauty, its ability to tell relatable stories with flair, and because music transcends all other forms of communication. There seems to be a misconception about opera in general: that it’s stuffy, out of touch, inaccessible, and expensive. We don’t believe that at all. 

Our goal is to strip opera down to its core, to find the music and message that you will love (if you don’t already), and tell a new story. We want to find new exciting spaces where we can drink with our friends and see something we haven’t seen before #nogownrequired. To do something provocative that will make you think outside of the box of everything you’ve come to expect from live theatre.

Opera is not old and stodgy and elitist. Opera is the intersection of beauty and pain, the absurd and the erotic, of devotion and betrayal. To experience opera is to experience the most human parts of life. We aim to combine minimalist, modern experiences with exciting artists and give you an experience you won’t soon forget.

Welcome to Mosaic.